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K.A. Rasmussen is the biggest supplier of precious metals in the Nordics and is still owned by the Rasmussen family.

We are a successful group of companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Belgium. Our headquarters and factory are in Hamar, Norway. In Sweden we are located in Helsingborg.


K.A. Rasmussen has a long tradition of working with goldsmiths and the goldsmith industry. It all starts with the refining of precious metals. The refining is done at our modern and environmentally certified plant. We take great care to do precise and accurate analyses. For immediate delivery we have a wide range of different alloys and profiles. The profiles come in different dimensions where the most common semi-finished products are: Grains Bars Sheets Wire Alloys for casting.

Goldsmith Equipment Please visit our sister company, Sargenta Sweden —

KarAna is now a part of KA Rasmussen.

Refining & Recycling 

In our modern factory we extract gold, silver, platinum and palladium from dental, industrial and goldsmiths’ scraps. Today we are the only refinery with our own factory in the Nordics. Nowadays, recycling precious metals is a given, not only for the high value but also for the environment.


K.A. Rasmussen takes great responsibility for the environment,t both when it comes to manufacturing and recycling. 

All production work is ensured and documented according to applicable rules and requirements. Through our NS-EN ISO 14001 certification we are constantly working on improving and developing our environmental performance. Areas that are currently being prioritized are: air, water, energy management and sorting of waste. We are committed to reducing our energy consumption via our own research.  


Our employees are our most important resource. Working with precious metals requires vast knowledge and experience. At K.A. Rasmussen we attach great importance to work environment and making sure our 100+ employees are happy.


For investments in precious metals please visit our department Guldcentralen —

We are a big supplier of precious metals to a number of industries in Scandinavia. Example of 

  • Circuit boards and electrical contacts for the electronics industry
  • Precious metals for galvanization (silver plating, gold plating)
  • Welding and soldering products
  • Precious metal alloys for research and medical technology
  • Platinum nets for nitric acid production
  • Silver catalysts for the production of formaldehyde

We can tailor to your specific needs.

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